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Watch The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 1 HOT!

Greg (Jon Gries): I don't know if all that conversation about Greg's poor health last season was a ruse, but what I do know is that Greg is up to something, and it involves Quentin. Tanya finds an old photo of a young Greg and Quentin in episode 6, all but proving a popular fan theory that Greg is Quentin's Wyoming cowboy. My guess is something goes awry with the plan to scam Tanya and, since we're pretty certain she survives (see below), it's Greg -- and maybe Quentin? -- who doesn't make it home alive. Then again, The White Lotus loves a red herring -- and it seems to hate a comeuppance.

Watch The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 1

Dominic (Michael Imperioli): Dominic's sad, lonely walk on the beach in episode 5 seemed a potential swan song for the "feminist" lech. His character arc can go one of two ways -- he either turns his life around, or he doesn't. By this point, he seems to have made inroads on the former, releasing Lucia from his payroll and even turning from porn. And this may be where his character ends. We know that Dom's wife was voiced by the inimitable Laura Dern in episode 1. What we don't know is whether Laura Dern will make another appearance this season. According to IMDb, we should not expect further Dern-age, which suggests to me that this vacation may be Dominic's last.

Cameron (Theo James): Between the "Testa di Moro" motif, Daphne's affinity for dead-husband true crime shows, Ethan's "mimetic desire" theory and Cameron's debt to sex worker Lucia, Cameron is really starting to look like a goner. When Daphne comes running and screaming out of the ocean in the season's first scene, just after her brush with the drowned corpse, a tanned, shirtless man in squid-print swim trunks catches her on the beach. It's not clear whether she knows the man, nor do we see his face. It could've been Cameron, but then why wasn't he sipping an Aperol Spritz with her before she took a dip? All I know is the squid-print trunks have yet to make a second appearance, though they do seem like Cameron's style. However, there's absolutely no way, given Daphne's reaction, that the dead body we see in episode 1 was Cameron's. There's also no way she'd be so chipper prior to discovering it, if her husband had already been found floating earlier.

Alright, please bring your luggage to HBO Max, as it's time to watch The White Lotus season 2, then we've got good news. A new branch of everyone's favorite hotel for rich people is full of new guests. Because while most of season 1's chaotic hotel guests aren't back for this second jaunt, Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge) is. And she's not alone.

Date: The White Lotus season 2 episode 1 airs today (Sunday, Oct. 30).Time: 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max (opens in new tab) in the US and Crave (opens in new tab) in Canada. U.K.: 1 a.m. GMT on Monday, Oct. 31 on Sky (opens in new tab).Australia: 12 p.m. AEDT on Binge (opens in new tab).

While Canadians don't have access to HBO or HBO Max, they can still watch The White Lotus season 2 at the same time as the U.S. airing. Crave (opens in new tab), the usual source for HBO shows in Canada, has the rights.

Since Brits also don't get HBO or HBO Max, they can watch The White Lotus season 2 on Sky Atlantic and NOW. It will air Monday, Oct. 31 concurrently at 1 a.m. GMT and again at the more reasonable time of 9 p.m. GMT.

Editor's Note: This article contains major spoilers for all episodes except the finale.In 2021, HBO released the comedy series The White Lotus. Written and directed by Enlighted creator Mike White, the first season revolves around a group of wealthy individuals staying at a luxurious resort in Hawaii before things start to take a turn for the worse. The first season received plenty of critical acclaim from critics with Collider's very own Ross Bonaime saying the show is "a smart commentary on economic and gender inequality...while also being one of the strangest and most hilarious shows to debut this year." On top of that, the season also won ten Primetime Emmys, including one for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series.

The White Lotus: Sicily is the upcoming second season of a comedy-drama anthology series produced by HBO. The critically acclaimed series was created, written, and directed by Mike White and took home 10 Emmys and is considered by many critics to be among the best recent television content.It comes as no surprise, then, that the series was renewed for a second season, which also follows the original anthology format. The second season of The White Lotus will contain one extra episode, however, coming in at seven episodes.New faces are featured in the second season, including Aubrey Plaza, F. Murray Abraham, Adam Dimarco, Meghann Fahy, Tom Hollander, and Theo James. Jennifer Coolidge, who won an Emmy for her performance in the first season, returns in her role of rich and quirky traveler Tanya McQuoid. The While Lotus: Season 2 was released on October 30, 2022 on HBO Max.

KELLY: One way or the other, it's a whodunit, and there's one episode left to sort it all out. OK. I want to get to what we mentioned when I was introducing this, why so much of the experience this season seems to be the online discussion that's happening after every episode. Is this, like, the return of the water cooler show or what?

ABAD-SANTOS: Right. And then this isn't a spoiler, but the very first scene in the show is they're pulling bodies from the water off of the White Lotus resort. And it's just like, we don't know how many bodies there are. We just know that people have died, and we know that they're guests of The White Lotus, and that is where we start. And then the entire season has been kind of, like, this retelling of, like, how we got to this place. And so I think everyone wants to be a part of this murder mystery and solve it themselves, right? So, I mean, one, you can tell people, look; I was smart enough to figure this out. Or, two, it's like you watch it because you don't want to get spoiled, which I'm going to try not to do on this show.

ABAD-SANTOS: Right. I think we're going back to that idea of, like, yes, if there's a Sunday night TV show, people want to tune in. Like, no one wants to be the last person to know, like, who died, right? And I think, like, the only worse feeling than that is, like, having someone spoil that for you. So I think there's an imperative and, like, the desire to watch it live. But I also think the other kind of, like, fulfilling thing is once you watch it live, you have a whole community of people that you can talk to about it - right? - like, well, maybe not you because you haven't seen this entire season. But I am waiting to talk to someone about who died on "White Lotus" on Monday morning or even Sunday night or text people.

The White Lotus: Sicily returns to HBO for episode 2 on Nov. 6, 2022, at 9 p.m. ET. The comedic drama is exclusive to HBO and HBO Max, so viewers will need a subscription to watch. Like House of the Dragon, The White Lotus: Sicily drops new episodes every Sunday night until the finale on Dec. 11, 2022.

Technically, this sex scene is a projection that plays out in the tormented mind of Ethan Spiller (Will Sharpe). But there's some degree of truth to his paranoid fantasies. Over the course of the season, Ethan grows to suspect his wife, Harper (Aubrey Plaza), is cheating with his college buddy Cameron (Theo James). In the season's penultimate episode, he fumes while imagining them hooking up on a table, then racing to cover up the indiscretion before Ethan finds out.

And frankly, can you blame Ethan for feeling threatened? With a combination of lust and hatred in their eyes, every glance between Harper and Cameron feels meaningful. In several moments, Cameron definitely appears to be seducing Harper. Cameron undresses in front of Harper in the first episode. Later, he plays a light prank on her and openly admits his desire to be liked by her. At every turn, he goes out of his way to meet her cool, judgmental gaze with flirtation. And Harper gradually warms up to Cameron in return. Their underlying motivations become less opaque in the season finale. Cameron is using Harper in a power play to demonstrate masculine dominance over Ethan and Harper is seeking a reprieve from her sexless marriage. The situation is messy, to be sure. But in one way or another, everyone gets their needs met by the end of the season.

Sex Lives of College Girls (Seasons 1, 2): Fun, funny, easy-to-watch TV. Love Pauline Chalamet getting her moment, though the end of season 2 felt like they rushed to drop way too many plot points without any real build-up.

For many years after college I had no TV, or if I did, I don\u2019t remember it because I never watched it. I\u2019ve never seen Seinfeld aside from an episode here and there. I\u2019ve still never seen 90210, Melrose Place, Daria, My So-Called Life, or more than one or two episodes of The Office. I had deep imposter syndrome around TV and movies generally, having grown up with like ten VHS tapes, no cable, never having watched MTV until college, and not having watched a lot of apparently seminal films others watched. Once after college a friend came over to my tiny Williamsburg apartment (circa 2005) with the idea that we\u2019d watch \u201Ca bunch of French new wave films.\u201D I had no idea what this even was, nor had I ever watched multiple movies in a single day. To be honest, the idea of doing so struck me as extremely lazy and elitist at the same time. (Don\u2019t you have any actual things to do? A job to go to? I had to work!) In fairness, this friend\u2019s dad was a legendary avant-garde filmmaker so more normalized in his upbringing.

Similar to with reading\u2014and with letting go of the idea that I needed to consume certain things\u2014at some point at the intersection between adulthood and parenting and the pandemic, I let go of the idea of needing to be versed or completist in film / TV and just started watching whatever. I started shows I never finished. I binged many seasons of mediocre television. I watched old things, new things, legitimately cheesy things. Turns out watching kinda mindless TV and bad movies is very fun! Just like romance novels and YA! Here\u2019s what I watched in 2022, not including the many things I watched with my kids. (*** next to titles that are most recommended.) 041b061a72


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