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Child Welfare And Family Services: Policies And Practice (8th Edition) Ernestine Moore

A new chapter on child welfare practice, including an expanded treatment of foster care, provides a foundation for social work interventions with children. In addition, new and updated information covers topics such as; child welfare issues with immigrant families, child outcome measurements, forensic interviewing, advocacy, court documentation, federal legislation, child welfare in a global context, cultural competence, protective/preventive services, day care/child development programs, income security, kinship care, family preservation, and adoption.

Child Welfare and Family Services: Policies and Practice (8th Edition) Ernestine Moore


This thorough revision of Child Welfare and Family Services reflects current issues, controversies, and innovative practice methods in both family and child services. It also provides a strong historical context to current programs, issues, and policy decisions; as well as in-depth information on legal and legislative frameworks. Excellent coverage of theories related to child welfare practice are covered; including the ecological perspective, social learning theory, attachment theory, and the risk and resilience perspective


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