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Sonic And All-Stars Racing Transformed Now Available For Nothing

As a bright, colourful, kart racing games, there's nothing for parents to be concerned about here. While you can fire weapons at other racers, these are all over the top, cartoon power-ups, like snowballs, a firework, or even some giant bees. The most the weapons do is make your opponent flash, and slow down slightly, with no realistic impacts whatsoever.

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed now available for nothing

Thanks to this most helpful article, I set the machine to download all 3 demos of which I am now aware (Sonic, Rayman and FIFA and set it to turn off when done. When I get home from work (and from my 9 year-old's Christmas Concert) they will be there, ready to play. Can't wait to play Rayman again with the kids. But, thank goodness for this article. How the heck would people otherwise know there are demos available? I found no indication on the e-shop front page (except for FIFA) and no notifications or emails or anything from Nintendo indicating demos are live. You'd think they'd want to make a bigger deal out of this if for nothing else than to drive traffic to the e-shop.

Thanks for the heads up, besides exploring it once near launch I haven't really used the eShop so I wouldn't have known about the demo's, and I've been very curious about Rayman (and to an extent, Sonic) so this is great news. I'm downloading the demos as we speak, I may even download FIFA for the hell of it.edit there's animated blood in sonic all star racing? weird..

@TheRealThanos MK7 and before are simply rehash of the old formula. What is MK8 really different (wall-racing)? I can say a whole bunch of things better in Sonic transformed compared to the previous version of the game.

Where the game does succeed is in its course design and subtle racing mechanics. The landscapes in Team Sonic Racing look wonderful and often call back to moments from throughout Sonic's history, like the Killer Whale from Sonic Adventure. While nothing revolutionary, these courses offer enough variety to make playing through every tracks once a worthy trial.

For the unacquainted, i.e. the vast majority of people outside of Americaland, Danica is a NASCAR driver best known for being the first female to win the Indycar championship. She also flashes flesh in her modeling career, just to reinforce the stereotype that female racing drivers are nothing but glorified sex objects. In fact, SEGA's partnership was announced a few months back, but this new trailer presents the first glimpse of her in-game incarnation: say hello to digital Danica.

I just cant help but be disappointed by this so far. It seems like such a backwards step over transformed. I dont really think its an excuse to say that younger gamers wont get the references because ultimately it adds variety rather than cookie cutter sonic levels. What about a race around kamurocho, or themed on the pocket racer minigame in yakuza. What about something hatsune miku themed. A visit to a house of the dead style mansion, the battlefields of valkyria...ok maybe not the last one. It just seems so uninspiring focussing only on sonic. I want to love this but the team racing concept does nothing for me either.

Deep within the multi-story central command of the Japanese Self Defense Force, the commander of the facility tortuously read a new report which graced his desk. Wrinkled hands flipped through page after page while observant eyes glossed over the information within. Upon reaching the conclusion, revealing the numerous casualties of the incident which overshadowed the repulsion of Grand King Ghidorah or the death of Legion on the country at large, the reader snapped the yellow file back together and tossed it across his wooden desk, sighing in frustration before he leaned back in his aging chair. Brown eyes looked to the ceiling, tracing the square tiles before the commander glanced to his right out a large, glass wall. There, standing over one-hundred meters tall, the silver mechanical form of Mechagodzilla, lacking an arm and covered in battle damage, glowed under the yellow lights of his launch bay. A sight which brought Commander Takaki Aso great comfort in times of crisis. Today, it brought nothing but resentment.


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