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Buy Fuji Xt2 [VERIFIED]

Much like my fuji X100T, the X-T2 allows me to bake a film look into my video recordings (and photos of course). And with loads of amazing film looks to choose from, including: Astia, Velvia, Classic Chrome, and more, the in-camera possibilities with color are seemingly endless.

buy fuji xt2


But those colors from the fuji! Would really like that on the Sony as well. Sure the Sony gets better with huelight profiles and some white balance fixes but would be nice to have better straight from camera.

i am currently also using a a7ii.. but i am seriously thinking to switch to fuji with all may adapted lenses! i heared from many that on the aps c sensor the quality drops quite a bit? Did you noticed something like that? 041b061a72


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