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Finally, in late 2004, Freshlyground released their very successful album, Nomvula. Although the uptake of the album was initially slow, it eventually went on to achieve double platinum status locally. Initial success was largely due to the catchy, feel-good, lyrics of Doo Be Doo, which enjoyed significant play on local radio, it was also covered in Indonesian by singer Gita Gutawa. Follow-up hits included I'd like and the signature track Nomvula, the former achieving unprecedented success on radio charts such as the 5FM Top 40, where it remained at No. 1 for several weeks.[2]

Freshlyground - Id Like


Freshlyground formed early 2002, and is made up of seven talented and diverse musicians from South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. In 2003 Freshlyground launched their debut album, Jika Jika, the success of which firmly cemented the band as one of South Africa's most successful young acts. In the same year this seven-piece Cape Town based band enjoyed much wider exposure, playing at numerous music festivals including the Harare International Festival of the Arts and the Robben Island African Festival. Freshlyground were invited to Harare International Festival of the Arts 2004 as the South African representative for the festival, where they headlined the closing ceremony, performing a song with Zimbabwean icon Oliver Mtukudzi. 2004 started off playing before President Thabo Mbeki at the opening of Parliament on the eve of celebrating 10 years of democracy in South Africa. One of the most exciting musical events in South Africa 2004 was the esteemed North Sea Jazz Festival. Freshlyground played alongside the likes of Miriam Makeba, Stanley Clarke and Femi Kuti. In July 2004 the band performed at the prestigious Villa Celimontana Festival in Rome while taking a break from the recording studio. Freshlyground were invited to play at the Expo 2005 in Aichi, Japan in March 2005. They then traveled to Germany to front the celebration of 5 years of partnership between Cape Town and Aachen. Freshlyground completed recording their second album in Johannesburg in June/July 2004 under their independent Freeground Records label, in conjunction with Instinct Africaine. 'Nomvula' was recorded and produced in Joburg by Joe Arthur and Sibusiso Victor Masondo and released in late 2004. After a somewhat slow start - but with a strong word of mouth buzz based on the band's live performance reputation - momentum picked up as the sheer quality of the album begun to shine through. Radio picked up on 'Doo Be Doo' and the catchy song has gone on to become a favorite amongst a diverse spread of stations and their listeners. However, album tracks such as 'I'd Like', 'Zithande', 'Things Have Changed', 'Manyana' and the title track 'Nomvula' (with its stunning music video directed by filmmaker Ian Gabriel) are proving the depth and strength of this remarkable record. In addition to the Nomvula video, the band has just released music videos for "I'd Like" and "Doo Be Doo". 'Nomvula' was nominated for three South African Music Awards in 2005, but the band didn't manage to snare their debut SAMA. Undaunted and more determined than ever, the guys continued their path to success. Fronted by the diminutive but dynamic Zolani Mahola, the band exudes a live performance energy that has been the bedrock of their success. The experienced rhythm section of Peter Cohen (drums) & Josh Hawks (bass) is complimented by guitarist Julio Sigauque, keyboardist (& some time dancer) Aron Turest-Swartz, Simon Attwell (flute, mbira, sax and harmonica) and violinist Kyla Rose Smith. Although all hailing from diverse backgrounds, between them the band weave a musical magic that is highly infectious and undeniably groovy. Last year Freshlyground signed an extensive record deal with Sony BMG Africa, and in partnership with Sony BMG Africa, Freshlyground are now putting together plans to build on this local success and spread their musical wings globally. With trips to Japan, Germany, Belgium (for the huge Pukkelpop Festival), Tanzania and Mauritius already under the belt in 2005, the band manage to avoid neglecting local audiences hungry for their share of the Freshlyground magic. In August last year, Freshlyground appeared at the big Oppikoppi 'Wired' festival and the 'Word on the Street' events, and hosted a concert in Cape Town to raise funds for the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, appearing alongside globally acclaimed troubadour and Sony BMG Africa label mate Vusi Mahlasela. They had numerous high profile gigs across the nation heading into Summer 2005, making them quite possibly the hardest working band on the live circuit. Freshlyground have performed in every major city in South Africa promoting the album Nomvula, and the demand to see the band live grows with each appearance. Keith Lister, Managing Director of Sony BMG Africa had this to say about the company's involvement with Freshlyground: "We're delighted to be able to continue working with such a unique and exciting group of musicians ... for Freshlyground, the sky literally is the limit." he band was chosen to co-perform the Official Anthem for the 2010 World Cup already means more eyes are going to be on this Cape Town-based outfit than ever before. Titled ' Time For Africa" the song is featured on "Listen Up: The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Album(tm)," and is a collaboration with Colombian superstar, Shakira. Much like 'Radio Africa' itself, the presence of Freshlyground on 'Time For Africa' came about organically: the band was in New York in February this year, putting the finishing touches to 'Radio Africa' when they happened to connect with Shakira's producer who mentioned the Colombian superstar was working on a song for the 2010 World Cup. As Mahola puts it, "They thought our African flavour would suit the sound so we set about crafting our contribution and they liked it." Indeed, Mahola's distinctive, honeyed voice stands out in the powerful song and Sigauque's mbaqanga-influenced guitaring turns the anthem into something powerfully African. With their fourth studio album, 'Radio Africa', Freshlyground is preparing to broadcast the ingredients that have turned the seven-piece into one of South Africa's most treasured acts to the rest of the continent and the world. 'Radio Africa' is perhaps the fullest expression yet of Freshlyground's development as a truly African band. "We have matured as players and as a band over the last seven years and the album depicts our development as well as our rootedness here in South Africa and the greater African diaspora," is how violinist Smith puts it.

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