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Phantasy Calradia: A Fantasy Mod with Magic, Monsters, and Troop Trees

the sturgian is an incredibly powerful faction with the ability to play a number of different styles of warfare at their convenience. they lack the overall economy of the ardennes who are capable of capitalizing on the large amount of resource production, but they can outmaneuver any army in the game. a city of scattered cities, sturgia is home to a plethora of jungles, swamps, and mountains that are perfect for roleplayers to take control of to build their own empire. sturgia is a wild and untamed land that offers something for everyone. the game mechanics and roleplaying arent the only thing offered either. submersion in sturgia means interacting with friendly trolls in the vovokian forest for a quest or taking control of a lone mountain in the boreum wastes. sturgia offers a ton of fascinating options for roleplayers and players alike to enjoy.

phantasy calradia troop tree

giant line infantry are still going to be the heaviest hitters in the game, but it is worth considering. it is important to note that these are not sturgians. the sturgians were a people that were isolated by the great northerly diaspora. while the sturgians do not "look" like the northerners of the eltanin (or maybe this is a northern thing; it's not clear), they have some similarities.

the giant heavy infantry are a unit that are very similar to the sturgian giant infantry. they are a good unit in their own right, but the most important difference here is that they are in a faction instead of being a full unit tree.

trees are the most efficient way to build a land army of troops, with the exception of the 'horses' for fiai tribes. also note that the scultpayrs have been adjusted to the new fian scultpayr vis. tree, and the dwarven tables have been adjusted to include the new dwarf survival gear trees.


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